group [gro͞op]
[Fr groupe < It gruppo, a knot, lump, group < Gmc * kruppa, round mass: see CROP]
1. a number of persons or things gathered closely together and forming a recognizable unit; cluster; aggregation; band [a group of houses]
2. a collection of objects or figures forming a design or part of a design, as in a work of art
3. a number of persons or things classified together because of common characteristics, community of interests, etc.
4. Chem.
a) a unit consisting of two or more joined atoms within a molecule; esp., a RADICAL (n. 3)
b) a number of elements with similar properties, forming one of the vertical columns of the periodic table
c) a number of elements having similar chemical reactions
5. Geol. a stratigraphic unit consisting of two or more formations
6. Math. a closed set of elements having an associative binary operation (usually multiplication), an identity element (I × a = a × I = a), and an inverse element for each element (a × 1/a = 1/a × a = I)
7. a military aircraft unit; specif., in the U.S. Air Force, a subdivision of a wing, composed of two or more squadrons
8. U.S. Mil. a unit made up of two or more battalions or squadrons
vt., vi.
to assemble or form into a group or groups
of, characteristic of, or involving a group [group attitudes]
SYN.- GROUP is the basic, general word expressing the simple idea of an assembly of persons, animals, or things without further connotation; HERD1 is applied to a group of cattle, sheep, or similar large animals feeding, living, or moving together; FLOCK1, to goats, sheep, or birds; DROVE1, to cattle, hogs, or sheep; PACK1, to hounds or wolves; PRIDE, to lions; SWARM1, to insects; SCHOOL1, to fish, porpoises, whales, or the like; BEVY, to quails; COVEY, to partridges or quails; FLIGHT1, to birds flying together. In extended applications, FLOCK1 connotes guidance and care, HERD1 and PACK1 are used contemptuously of people, swarm suggests a thronging, and BEVY and COVEY are used of girls or women

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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